Exterior Valet In Norfolk

Want your car feeling better than new every single time you use it? Vehicle detailing is the next step for you and luckily we are the professionals you need! 

Our Vehicle detailing booth in Norfolk is the perfect place to bring your car to the next level. With our booth and our skilled technicians we are one of the best vehicle detailers in area and the biggest thing that sets us apart from the rest is that we treat your car like our own.

Our Exterior Valeting Packages

Monthly Maintenance

Exterior Valet
From £25 Monthly
  • Small - £25
  • Medium - £30
  • Large - £35
  • 4x4 - £40

One Off

Exterior Valet
From £30 One Off
  • Small - £30
  • Medium - £35
  • Large - £40
  • 4x4 - £45

How Long will it take?

  • approx time 1 - 2 hours

Everything That’s Included

  • Spray wheels with a non acidic wheel cleaner, leave to dwell & rinse. Apply ph balanced shampoo with wash mitt, agitate too with a safe special wheel brush then rinse off. Citrus wash under arches and flush.
  • Snowfoam to bodywork to loosen all grit, grime fly splatters and stubborn dirt. leave to dwell & rinse.
  • Only when exterior bodywork & door shuts are fully clear of loose grit & grime we wash with a ph balanced shampoo using scratch free wash mitts & the two bucket system with grit guards.
  • Dry bodywork & shuts with plush Korean drying towels.
  • Rubber & trim dressed.
  • At the end of the valet , bodywork is sprayed & buffed to a glossy shine with a detailing spray.
  • Then vehicle inspected with client to ensure all above points are covered to our high standards & vehicle handed back to client.
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