You car is more than just the exterior.

Here at PRO Details we are able to undertake the repair and or restoration of Leather and Vinyl. We have undergone Training from one of the worlds top Leather repair specialists ColourLock who are a German based company.

Having the tools and products to repair holes, scuffs and rips in leather, we can save you £££ on having a seat re trimmed. One of the most common problems in leather is colour damage caused by scuffs, fading due to sunlight & general wear.

Leather Repair Specialists

From £125

Leather Repair and Restoration Service

Dye transfer is also a common problem with leather interiors, especially light coloured leather. We can remove transferred dye and then apply a protector that will reduce if not eliminate it happening for a period of time depending on how much use the seats get.

Leather Repair, Restoration & Protection - Individual Seats

Need an Individual seat taken care of? PRO-Details are here for you, we will take care of anything you need and make the leather look and feel brand new!

Leather Repair, Restoration & Protection - Steering Wheel

From all that use, your steering wheel might begin to fade, keep your interior looking as fresh as ever and keep your vehicle good as new!

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